Franklin - Click here for map
702 15th Avenue
P.O. Box 207
Franklin, NE 68939
(SE Corner of 15th and L St.
in Downtown Franklin)
Phone: 308-425-6273
Fax: 308-425-6274
Email: duncanjelkin@yahoo.com

Alma - Click here for map
616 W Main Street
P.O. Box 528
Alma, NE 68920
(North side of Main St. between
John and Jewell Streets in Downtown Alma)
Phone: 308-928-2165
Fax: 308-928-2166
Email: duncanjelkin@yahoo.com



Oxford - Click here for map
325 Ogden Street
P.O. Box 67
Oxford, NE 68967
(West side of Ogden St. between Cornwall
and S Railway Streets in Downtown Oxford)
Phone: 308-824-3231
Fax: 308-824-3692
Email: ddwnlaw@yahoo.com

Hildreth - Click here for map
144 Commercial Avenue
P.O. Box 340
Hildreth, NE 68947
(East side of Commercial Ave between
Hubbard & S Railway Streets in Downtown Hildreth)
Phone: 308-938-4585
Fax: 308-938-3014
Email: ddjwlaw@yahoo.com

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